YFN Lucci’s Bond Could Be Revoked Due To Strip Club Visit: Report


Earlier this year, YFN Lucci was arrested and hit with murder and gang-related charges. The rapper is accused of being involved in the fatal shooting of a 29-year-old man in Atlanta. With heavy bond conditions in place, he was released from prison but prosecutors are now trying to keep him in custody until the murder case comes to an end.

Vivien Killilea/Getty Images

Per TMZ, prosecutors on the case are seeking to get YFN Lucci’s bond revoked for allegedly violating his bond conditions. The Atlanta rapper is accused of having paid a visit to a strip club and a recording studio which prosecutors say breach the terms of his agreement. They said the rapper hit the club shortly after he posted bond, and later visited the studio on the same night. Prosecutors added that the club they said he went to is the same club that’s being investigated for a gang-related shooting.

In addition to allegations of violating his conditions, court documents reveal that the prosecutors also claimed that Lucci tinkered with his ankle monitor. They cite irregularities and missing data over long stretches of time as the basis of the allegation. 

On top of the strip club, studio visits, and alleged tampering of his ankle monitor, they said he also tested positives for cannabis and opiates in his system. 

The judge has yet to rule on whether they’ll revoke Lucci’s bond. Stay posted for updates.