YG Asked His 3-Year-Old To Smell Bag Of Weed & Twitter Is Not Pleased


Celebrities are often roasted by the masses for poor parenting choices, just ask T.I. What usually starts off as someone innocently posting content of their kids on social media can result in Twitter aggressively pointing out where the parent went wrong. While parenting styles can vary, people take some truths to be self-evident, such as, “Thou shalt not allow your child to be near narcotics.” 

YG is receiving some criticism for allowing his daughter to smell his massive bag of weed. In a video that the Compton rapper posted on his IG story, his 3-year-old daughter, Harmony, seems to stumble upon daddy’s kush stash in a drawer. YG picks it up and Harmony begins gleefully inspecting it. She hypothesizes that it’s broccoli after he asks her to identify the bag’s contents. He then encourages her to smell it to see whether the stench would change her mind, but she remains firm in her conviction that it’s alotta brocolli.  

While some tweets chastised Kehlani’s boyfriend for exposing his little girl to drugs, others thought the joke was harmless. It appears YG didn’t feel the need to defend his actions because when The Shade Room posted some of the Twitter reactions, he simply commented, “That was the MARATHON OG,” shouting out the strain engineered by his late friend, Nipsey Hussle. 

In other YG news, he brought out Stormy Daniels during his performance at Camp Flog Gnaw this past weekend

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