YG Gets Kehlani Tattooed On Him


After a rocky start to their relationship, it would appear as though YG and Kehlani are back on, peddling forward toward a happy future. At the onset of their romantic union, Bompton rapper YG was spotted outside of a Los Angeles hotspot kissing another woman on the lips, which seemingly spelt the end of his bond with Kehlani. The two used effective communication to get through their differences though and now, they seem to be happier than ever. Both musicians are back to showing each other off on social media, utilizing their platforms to remind everybody that they’re still a thing. Hopefully, they’re able to last a long time because they’re certainly a fan favorite power couple. In their latest move, YG actually went and got Lani’s name tattooed on his skin, cementing their love and proving to her that she’s the only one on his mind.

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

In a series of “date night” posts on Kehlani’s Instagram story, the singer displayed how her evening was going. They started off with a walk by the beach before posting a cute selfie all cuddled up. Then, a surprise came on our screens as Lani shared the results of their visit to a tattoo parlour. The night ended with YG getting Kehlani’s name tatted on his body, which some are unsure about as he’s already been caught cheating. Perhaps this will help him remember what’s important in his life.

Do you think they’ll stay together this time around? 

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