YGTUT Puts On For His City On “Chattanooga Vendetta”


Chattanooga, TN isn’t necessarily the first place you’re thinking of when you think about hip-hop but the city has a solid track record with its exports so far. YGTUT’s relationship with his city remains a large focus of his music and he’s consistently putting on. Over the weekend, he released his new single, “Chattanooga Vendetta” which celebrates the homegrown talent of the city. With artists like himself and Isaiah Rashad being two of the biggest rappers from the town, YGTUT explained to 2DopeBoyz that “Chattanooga Vendetta” reflects coming out of a city that’s slept on but houses a lot of talent.

“We got a vendetta with the industry basically,” TUT said. “Our city may not be as big as LA or NYC, but there’s still a lot of talent where I’m from and I feel like we’ve always kept that chip on our shoulder–tryna’ put on for home. Rappers like me and [Isaiah Rashad] coming from a place like this and we just wanna shed more light on it. We feel like it’s us against the world. We ain’t backing down from nothing. Anybody want it can get it.”

Quotable Lyrics
You lookin’ for recognition
You doin’ shit for attention n***a
My city don’t get too much recognition n***a
You can die today walkin out planet fitness n***a


source https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/ygtut-puts-on-for-his-city-on-chattanooga-vendetta-new-song.1986851.html

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