YK Osiris Asks Judge For Travel Approval To Record With Drake In Toronto: Report


The self-proclaimed King of R&B is trying to hit the studio with Drake right now, or at least, that’s what he’s telling the judge. According to TMZ, YK Osiris filed paperwork asking the judge for permission to travel to Toronto in order to record with Drake but the 6ix God was apparently not aware of this. 

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The rapper is currently on bond for an assault case where he’s accused of attacking his girlfriend. He filed documents asking that the judge gives him the green light to fly to Toronto because he has an opportunity to work with Drake. His lawyer even filed documents with emails from Preme, Drake’s affiliate, asking for Osiris to head to the 6ix to record for several days. The studio time was booked from Jan. 13th to 16th and Osiris decided to apply for this on the 14th. 

The publication reports that Osiris has yet to sign off yet but things are looking favorable for him as he’s previously received approval and the D.A. has no problems with him recording with Drake. But as previously mentioned, Drake’s camp said that his management wasn’t aware Preme reached out and made it clear no collaborations are in the works with YK Osiris and Drake.

Despite the reports, though, the rapper did share a post on Instagram with his location set to Toronto last night. He also shared videos on his Instagram Story recording in Scarborough, Toronto with Preme. 

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