YK Osiris’s Fan Slaps Him Across Face While Delivering Lap Dance On Stage


What’s really going on during YK Osiris’s live shows? The young R&B artist’s name has recently made headlines following his arrest earlier this month. The self-proclaimed “King of R&B” stands accused of physically assaulting his girlfriend by biting and choking her, accusations that the singer has reportedly denied. His controversial legal issues aside, Osiris’s fans continue to support him and will show just how much they love the Florida singer.

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At Osiris’s live shows, he likes to bring up female fans from the audience who do their best at giving him lap dances. We’ve previously reported on Osiris’s antics with his fans while on stage, but a recent video shows one woman who let her Freak Flag Fly loud and proud. The clip began circulating throughout social media platforms on Thursday, but it’s unclear when the video was actually recorded.

In the clip, it’s obvious that Osiris was not prepared for this fan’s lap dance. She not only flipped herself around in all directions but when he made his way to the floor, she climbed on top of him and took charge. At one point she controled the situation and threw his arms to his sides before slapping him across the face. He definitely couldn’t believe that the striking moment happened, but she kept going with a few more hip swerves before the video cuts out. Check out the chuckle-worthy moment below, along with another YK Osiris lap dance from a fan.

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