YNW BSlime & Lil Yachty Create A Baby Reggae Bop With Remix To “Just Want You”


It’s nothing short of comical that YNW Melly, a multiplatinum-selling rapper currently locked up on charges of murder, has a kid brother that’s pretty much the equivalent to “black Bieber” — peep Atlanta’s hilarious Season 1 episode “Nobody Beats the Biebs” for reference. However, YNW BSlime as he so proudly goes by actually may have a long and profitably career ahead of himself, and the remix to “Just Want You” off his debut album Baby Goat is a strong example of why.

Featuring Lil Yachty, a smart move already, the song plays up on the latest resurgence of popularity in reggae music. While the vibe is somewhere between dancehall and Afrobeat in terms of sound, lyrically it falls in line with those classics from the Kidz Bop era. Yachty adds his own kid-friendly verse, well, aside from the line about breaking a girl’s back into two, but we’ve heard worse. Overall this will do well with the Tik Tokers of the world and anyone that plans on attending a middle school prom anytime soon.

Listen to the remix of “Just Want You” by YNW BSlime and Lil Yachty below, and stream the album Baby Goat right now to tap into your youthful side:

Quotable Lyrics:

I put my all on the line for you
I put my pride to the side for you
I wanna be with you, girl
I wanna be your man
I wanna rock your world
I wanna buy you Benz, oh
I wanna eat with you, girl
I wanna bend your back and break it into two
I wanna love on you

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