YNW Melly Coronavirus Update


Florida rapper YNW Melly tested positive for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) during the wait for his double murder trial and, despite his pleas to be released because of his illness, he is being forced to remain behind bars. His alleged victims’ families are not interested in seeing him get out of jail, but it appears as though he is being treated unfairly in his cell.

As reported by TMZ, the rapper’s health condition has not improved much since the last statement from his legal representatives. He reportedly still has a high temperature and chills, especially at night, and is being given Tylenol and Gatorade to feel better. Melly’s cellmate has also tested positive for the coronavirus and they are being isolated away from each other. However, jail staff is apparently supposed to check on the rapper every hour, which is something they are being accused of ignoring.

YNW Melly coronavirus
Broward’s Sheriff’s Office via Getty Images

In addition, the Broward County Sheriff’s Office has said previously that if an inmate is showing signs of COVID-19, they would be transferred to a hospital. That was not the case with YNW Melly, who is still in prison.

The rapper’s condition was said to include heavy breathing, body aches, and severe weight loss. According to his lawyer, Melly weighs a mere 114 pounds right now.

We will keep you updated on his condition.


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