YNW Melly Joins Tay Money On Booty-Shaking Anthem “Left Cheek, Right Cheek”


Although YNW Melly is behind bars facing a double murder charge and potentially the death penalty, he sounds like he’s having a great time on Tay Money’s new song, “Left Cheek, Right Cheek”. If he’s gonna star on a booty-shaking anthem laced with steely synths, how could he not? He belts out his half of the chorus in his usual whine, serving as a nice foil to Tay Money’s nonchalant delivery. 

Tay Money hails from rural Athens, Texas, so you catch hints of a Southern accent while she raps. However, the music video for “Left Cheek, Right Cheek” appears to have been shot on in Miami. A puppet version of YNW Melly accompanies Tay and her bikini-clad friends on jet skis and to the club. The video ends with a clip from the studio session when the two rappers recorded this song, so turns out it wasn’t a result of a mailed-in verse from jail. Hopefully YNW Melly gets to see the music video, like he did for “223s”, because he’ll probably get a kick out puppet-him partying it up. 

Quotable Lyrics

She tryna be me, you not even close
Healin’ your throat, I’m back for some more
Tay Money what? Tay Money bankroll
Twenty on my neck, this shit feel cold
Twenty on my neck, your bitch look broke 

– Tay Money

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