YNW Melly Ordered To Remain In Prison Despite Contracting COVID-19


YNW Melly will have to stay behind bars, even though he allegedly tested positive for coronavirus. TMZ reports that a judge has finally ruled on his request to be released from prison as he awaits trial for his double murder case. The judge ultimately denied his motion and ordered the rapper to stay inside Broward County Jail. 

Weeks earlier, his mother initially stated that coronavirus had prevented his release, but just a few weeks after that, his lawyer revealed that he had tested positive for coronavirus. The rapper had been suffering from symptoms relating to the virus such as fever, heavy breathing, body pains, and headaches. He had pleaded with the judge to release him on house arrest, even offering to pay to be accepted into a medical facility. Melly argued that the prison facilities weren’t well equipped with adequate protection and care to treat him.

If Melly does want to get medical treatment in jail, the judge did say that he can speak to the Broward Sheriff’s Office for arrangements.

Melly’s lawyer previously issued a statement after the rapper had tested positive, claiming that the “223” rapper was dying behind bars. The rapper is still feeling the symptoms of the coronavirus, according to sources close to the rapper, especially the difficulties with his breathing. We’ll keep you posted on anymore updates. 


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