YNW Melly Wears Versace Sneakers In Prison: See New Photo


Despite being locked up for the last year, YNW Melly is still seeing his numbers rise. The release of Melly Vs. Melvin saw several new songs release into the streamingverse and, as his fans await his potential return, the young Florida native continues causing some to scratch their heads in confusion. 

A number of photos have made their way online of YNW Melly in his prison facility, including some that show him in his jumpsuit with a huge smile on his face. We’ve heard some phone calls that he has shared with Future, Lil Durk, and others with the star anticipating an imminent return home. Even though he’s facing the death penalty, the man still appears to be getting preferential treatment in the pen, with the latest display of that coming through a recent social upload on his page.

Telling the world that he stays “icee” in a new photo upload, YNW Melly showed off the Versace sneakers that he’s been rocking behind bars. Usually, inmates are walking around in hand-made flip-flops or shoes purchased at the commissary. For some reason, Melvin is allowed to stunt his Versace kicks, which just seems weird. As always, he smiles bright with his hauntingly white teeth in the picture.

Do you think YNW Melly will ever be released from prison or is he doomed to spend the rest of his life behind bars?

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