Yo Gotti Admits To “Slippin'” When He Lost $500K During Jay Z’s Charity Gala


It was recently announced that Roc Nation had partnered with Yo Gotti to help bring attention to what’s been reported to be inhumane conditions in various Mississippi prisons. Not only are they rallying for prison reform, but we previously reported that Jay Z has officially filed a lawsuit on behalf of 29 inmates citing that “these deaths are a direct result of Mississippi’s utter disregard for the people it has incarcerated and their constitutional rights.

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Yo Gotti recently sat down with Complex and discussed the case, sharing that he was prompted to get involved because he grew up visiting friends and family members in prison. “We’re just trying to be a voice and speak up for people who gettin’ treated like they ain’t humans,” Yo Gotti said. “They not gettin’ the proper food, health care. People dying in prison. Prison supposed to be rehabilitation, right? You go to prison, hopefully, you get your stuff right. You never go back. You don’t go to prison and die in the cell. That ain’t how it’s supposed to go. We’re in the process of setting up rallies out there in Mississippi so their voice can be heard louder and things like that that we have in the process as well.”

Aside from the chat about Mississippi prisons, Gotti also talked about losing a half a million dollars while gambling. “I really was just slipping on that, man,” the rapper said. He explained that it was a two-day tournament for the Shawn Carter Foundation’s Charity Gala and he had the winning hand but just made a bad move at the last minute. As an avid gambler, he knows he should have known better. “The play that I done, I’ve never did it before, so I was just slippin’. It took me like an hour or two after it had happened to realize what I had done.” Watch more from Yo Gotti and Complex below.

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