Young Buck Doubles Down On Ghostwriting For 50 Cent


This isn’t the first time Young Buck has accused 50 Cent of using ghostwriters and we don’t expect it to be his last. Back in 2019, Buck claimed that he was the pen behind Fif’s “Too Rich,” and he seems to be doubling down on that revelation while visiting Big Facts Pod. The former G-Unit rapper has been at odds with 50 Cent for years as they’ve traded cringe-worthy insults on social media, and Buck isn’t quite finished with addressing his days as one of Fif’s protegés.

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Ethan Miller / Staff / Getty Images

In a clip from his Big Facts Pod interview sharing by AllHipHop, Young Buck seems frustrated with the way things have turned out. “I wrote 50 music, bro. I done wrote full songs where you n*ggas is listening to 50 rap my words,” said Buck. “Word for word. The n*gga might change one here or a line here, but when you listen to the ‘Too Rich’ song, that’s just off of my head, that’s just one I inked from top to bottom.”

“I done this based on the fact of, well, he liked the record so much, he felt like he needed it for himself,” Buck continued. The rapper was asked if he was receiving credit or financial compensation for his contribution. “No. No credit, no nothing for it. Just like the ‘Can’t Lose’ record that was released under G-Unit. I ain’t seen a check from that sh*t and G-Unit released that.”

Young Buck takes full responsibility for his current circumstances because he knows he didn’t handle his business moves properly. “I’m looking at 50 at a point in time as a big brother,” said Buck. “From the beginning. Like I said, I’m coming strictly of the streets. I’m young. I just turned 40-years-old. We talkin’ ’bout sh*t that’s twenty years ago.”

He added that he was excited just for the opportunity to have a chance at a rap career. Check out the clip below.