Young Buck Gets Presidential On “The Impeachment” Mixtape


Though an unfortunate narrative has loomed like a dark cloud over Young Buck, largely due to his former groupmate 50 Cent’s relentless trolling, the Cashville spitter has steady stayed the course. Today, Buck brought another dose of nostalgic charm to the mix, coming through with his brand new mixtape The Impeachment Soundtrack, available exclusively by way of download. Though many will balk at the decision to skip streaming services, Buck’s adherence to the old way is a testament to his grind. Should you be interested in checking this one out, be sure to hit the link in his IG bio as embedded below. 

As for the music itself, Buck has never faltered in delivering some gritty bars, and The Impeachment is no exception. Though there’s hardly a quid-pro-quo involved, Buck keeps the political themes heavy with tracks like “Democratic Party,” “Republican Party,” “Secret Service,” and “We The People.” Who’d have thunk Young Buck would turn out to be the pundit the game most need in these hectic times? Check out his Public Service Announcement below, courtesy of his own IG.


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