Young Dolph Announces New Music But Fans Think It’s Cap


The last time Young Dolph announced that he would be releasing new music, he never came through. In March, the Memphis rapper told the world that he would be dropping a brand new album to keep fans entertained during the quarantine but that never happened. So, now that he’s effectively doing the same thing again, people aren’t exactly buying the fact that he will actually stick to his word.

Announcing a new single dropping this week, Young Dolph teased some music that will directly relate to Donald Trump and the coronavirus. At least, that’s what he’s suggesting with the topical cover artwork, which shows the President on the side and somebody being treated for COVID-19.

Young Dolph new music
Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

While the prospect of new music from the rapper is certainly exciting, his fans won’t allow themselves to get their hopes up. In the comments of the post, the majority of his fans are calling “cap” on the announcement, telling Dolph that they’ll be keeping a close eye on their streaming service of choice before actually believing that he will drop.

“We will see. Don’t cap,” said one fan. “Stop playing with us dolph,” begged another.

Hopefully, Young Dolph keeps to his word and delivers some new music this week. If not, you can’t pretend to be surprised.


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