Young Dolph & Key Glock Are Back Again With “Case Closed”


Young Dolph low-key had one of the best hip-hop albums of 2020 with Rich Slave. The original 16-track opus found Dolph comfortable in his element, safely at an arm’s distance from any rap game viral trends or antics, instead, relying on hard-hitting and unrelenting trap beats from equally-low-key producers like Bandplay and Sosa 808– and even here, somehow Dolph avoids all generic influence, making his unique brand of Southern rap unimitable even in its simplicity. 

With Rich Slave already being such a solid offering last year, the deluxe edition of Rich Slave just upped the ante, despite the trend seeming to wane in popularity, Dolph used this an opportunity to re-charge Rich Slave with eight new records, including the fast-paced and energetic collab with Key Glock titled “Green Light”– already the two Memphis rappers’ second collab on Rich Slave, as it were.

Today, the two Dum and Dummer collaborators have once again joined forces in “Case Closed” — and once again, we get the ever-reliable Bandplay behind the boards, who creates vibrating bass and chiming bells backdrop for the two rappers to wax poetic about their come-up from sleeping on the floor to having a very icy jewelry box.

Dolph recently wiped his IG clean, save for two posts promoting this new record– so it’s a pretty good hint that more is on the way from the two artists, and we’re definitely excited to see what that may be. 

Check out “Case Closed” and let us know what you think– are you a fan of these together?

Quotable Lyrics

Stuffed a quarter mill’ and twenties in a mattress 
It used to be who get the arm up the fastest
Now a n*gga make millions off of adlibs 
My n*ggas and ’em pop 30’s like Advils 
Shoutout to my nigga, show he’s mad real 
Might drop a country album and buy a mansion in Nashville 
Yeah, you heard me, stupid ass n*ggas

– Dolph