Young M.A Denies Trying To Shoot Her Shot At Kehlani With “BIG” Lyric


She can be as coy about it all she wants, but fans still believe it sounded as if Young M.A was flirting with Kehlani on her single “BIG” from the rapper’s debut studio album, Herstory in the Making. She raps, “Uh, man I like them tatted bitches, Hi, Kehlani.” It’s a simple line that doesn’t go too far, but listeners, including radio host Angie Martinez, interpreted the bar as Young M.A shooting her shot.

In a recent interview between the two, Angie asked the rapper if she ever gets in trouble with the fellas over their ladies. “Yo, somebody just asked me this question,” she stated.  Young M.A said she penned the Kehlani line way before she knew that the singer was in a relationship with YG. Angie said no one knew, so it’s not disrespectful. “No, not disrespectful, but still, hi Kehlani,” the rapper said with a wave. “Ain’t nothin’ changed. It’s my song!” Young M.A went on to clarify that she and Kehlani do occasionally keep in contact, but it’s because they may be planning a collaboration and it “ain’t nothin’ like that!”

When Angie once again insists that on “BIG” it sounds as if Young M.A was shooting her shot, the rapper innocently said, “For real? I thought that was a bar…She got tats, I see your tats, hey Kehlani! She was that bar in that line.” Young M.A shared the clip of the interview on her Instagram and wrote in the caption that Angie “tryna get me in trouble 🤦🏽‍♂️😂.” Check it out below.


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