Young M.A Shows Transparency In New Visuals For “Sober Thoughts”


Young M.A recently scratched off a hip-hop bucket list item when she delivered one of the hottest guest verses on Eminem’s new album, Music To BeMurdered By (2020). She also dropped a two-in-one video for her songs, “Numb” and “Bipolar” this past week. And now, the “Stubborn Ass” delivering yet even more visuals for the latest single “Sober Thoughts” off her first-ever LP, Herstory in the Making (2019).

With this particular song being as introspective as it is and Young M.A displaying a level of transparency that many rappers are not willing to share with their audiences today, the video played right into the sinister theme of the song’s lyrics. As the Brooklyn emcee sits on a couch with a bottle of liquor and billowing smoke coming from multiple directions, she raps:

“Disciplinin’ my habits, went distant on my attachments
I had to turn my presence to absence
Stuck in a cage, questionin’ the hours and days
Depressional phase, my tunnel vision startin’ to fade
I started to marry my thoughts, already engaged
Not knowing my next move had me going insane
Depending on alcohol to get me over the pain
Praying my habit don’t ever have me turn to cocaine
I won’t allow this temporary pain to turn to a stain”

Max YB delivers the song’s chorus during his dimly lit scenes as the black and white visuals are temporarily illuminated by lightning and clouds. While the visuals for “Sober Thoughts” may not be wildly entertaining, Young M.A continues to prove why she’s one of the better lyricists of this current generation. 

Since she’s chosen to rebrand herself, the quality of Young M.A’s artistry has drastically increased. Check out the visuals for Young M.A’s “Sober Thoughts” in the video provided above. 


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