Young M.A. Snaps With Sudden Clarity On “2020 Vision”


Though Young M.A. has been steadily murdering beats for a minute, many recently took notice upon receiving a surprising Eminem collaboration “Unaccomodating.” Following the high-profile connection, M.A. has been steadily hitting the booth with a notable momentum. Today marks the international arrival of her latest banger “2020 Vision,” a bar-heavy track recently previewed last week. Produced by Mike Zombie, the track features a mischevious synth loop and high-tempo percussions, the perfect backdrop for M.A. to sample a new array of flows.

“New money but I’m getting back to my old ways,” she spits, switching her cadence. “Still a hood n***a, still gotta get the chicken wings with the lo mein.” As the track progresses, her intensity heats up: “bank account on barcode, got a long-nose, send an opp to the crossroads,” she threatens, driving the point home with dope imagery. If that wasn’t enough, Young M.A. also reveals she’s been lined up to appear in a few movies — catch her in the West now, should you be looking to talk business. 

Check out the full song now, available in select international markets, with the full drop coming at midnight.

Quotable Lyrics

Bank account on barcode, got a long nose, send an opp to the crossroads
Life taught me keep an eye open and my heart closed
Staring at the bottom of the Hennessy bottle, man it’s a dark hole
Seein’ my brother name on that tombstone turned my heart to a charcoal


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