Young Money’s Mack Maine Responds To Omarion’s Former “Business” Problems With Label


Yesterday we posted about Omarion’s VladTV interview where the B2K singer opened up about his short time with Young Money records. Omarion cut ties with the label after Lil Wayne simply wouldn’t cash his check and give him his signing advance. “Basically, long story short, what happened was when I signed my deal I was supposed to get my advance. And the lawyers were talking, and basically, upon signing you’re supposed to get the advance in a specific time. Within that time, my check didn’t come,” Omarion explained.  

The “Ice Box” singer said he chatted with Lil Wayne and Young Money president Mack Maine but still didn’t get his cut forcing him to leave. Mack has since responded to the interview on Twitter, shedding light on the whole situation and kind-of confirming that the story is true.

“10 years since “Bedrock” dropped? Wowwwww Crazy story I don’t think has ever been told the original version was a song called “Way She Walk” with Omarion on the hook. We signed Omarion to YM for like a week and that’s another story,” he wrote. 

Mack even revealed more about the creation of “Bedrock” and how Neyo submitted and verse but Lloyd’s won the placement. 

Even Omarion put his name in the hat and submitted a verse that Mack still remembers to this day. “Omarion version? His version was dope would’ve still been a hit! I still remember it word for word… 10 years later!” he wrote.


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