Young Thug Divides Fans Over Kobe Bryant-Jesus Meme


Young Thug has a way with words in the studio but when it comes to getting his message across to the public in real life, he’s often misunderstood. The Atlanta rapper has been criticized in the past for saying things he may not necessarily mean and this can be jotted down as yet another instance of that happening. We’re sure Thugger meant absolutely no harm to Kobe Bryant, his family, or his fans by posting this joke on social media but it’s seriously not going over well and people are outraged in his comments.

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Sharing what was meant to be a tribute to the basketball legend and a joke to elicit “just a little smile for you all,” Young Thug posted a meme that shows Jesus Christ playing a game of one-on-one against Bryant in Heaven. In the photo, Kobe gets crossed up and lands on his back. Some of Thug’s peers, including JID, thought the picture was funny. Under different circumstances, it may have been. However, the majority of fans commenting on the upload are turning red from anger.

Delete thisssss,” wrote one commenter. “That was a bad joke,” said another, which was liked nearly 500 times. “This ain’t it chief,” added a third. 

Do you think the post was inappropriate to share as the world continues to mourn the loss of the heroic Bryant? Even if it was insensitive, it can’t be worse than what Ari Shaffir said


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