Young Thug Finally Unveils Online Store for SPIDER Brand


For months now, Young Thug has been teasing the masses with his SpIDER fashion brand, rocking select items while out and passing along a few pieces to his celebrity friends to only further fan the flames. Now, the Atlanta rapper has touched down to satiate appetites with the launch of SPIDER’s online shop.

Currently, users can log onto the official site and have their pick of a black hoodie with the SPIDER logo for $175, a matching pair of black sweat pants for $150, and a black denim SPIDER jacket for $900.  At the time of this writing, the sweatshirt is already sold out. Fans can expect to see new articles of clothing dropping “everyday until January 1st.”

Image via Young Thug/SPIDER

Image via Young Thug/SPIDER

Image via Young Thug/SPIDER

Speaking with GQ about the brand in August, Thug revealed fashion to be a realm in which he’s wanted to work his entire life, originally speculating that SPIDER wouldn’t launch for another two years. 

I always wanted to do it my whole life. When I came into the rap game, I didn’t want to be a rapper; I wanted to be a stylist,” he admitted. “When I first came in, I wanted to play football and then I wanted to be a stylist. I always knew how to rap my whole life and I just ended up making it in rap. Now, I’m able to live out my dream and create clothes—menswear, womenswear, unisex. I’m being able to create what I wanted to do. This is what I always wanted to do my whole life.”

He also revealed that he was working in close collaboration with a few designers, with Virgil Abloh being the only name he was allowed to disclose.

“One designer who I can say I’m gonna work with is Virgil. He don’t do non-disclosures with me. He loves me. I’m gon’ work with Virgil. He’ll probably be the first or second person that I ever work with. I think he’s gonna be the first.”


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