Young Thug Uses Megan Thee Stallion’s Dog To Insult “Y’all H*es”


After winning a legitimate award for being the cutest celebrity pet, Megan Thee Stallion’s dog 4oe is getting some love from a different rapper, but it’s not the kindest praise. Young Thug was a visitor in Megan Thee Stallion’s home this week (fingers crossed for a future collaboration!) and he felt like playing around with her adorable puppy. 4oe has his own Instagram page with thousands of followers, rivalling his owner who posts content with him all the time. Young Thug wanted to give things a try, updating his story with a quick message for any of the so-called “models” in his direct messages, telling them they look just like the famous french bulldog.

“Some of yall hoes look like Megan’s dog,” wrote the Atlanta rapper before he actually proved it. Placing a wig on top of 4oe’s head, Thugger issued some evidence that he thinks works to his advantage. 

This is precisely what Ari Lennox was speaking about after she and Teyana Taylor were accused of looking “like dogs” by a hater. Young Thug isn’t getting trashed in the comments section though. Instead, fans are laughing along with him. Do you think he should have kept the comment to himself or was it too good to not share?


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