Your Old Droog Drops Off Surprise “Jewelry” Album


With Chanukah kicking off yesterday, Your Old Droog has come through to honor his Jewish heritage in a major way. Behold, his brand new album Jewelry, featuring twelve tracks lined with references to his culture and upbringing. A press release confirms that the album marks his first public acknowledgment of his Jewish roots, and aside from appearances from Matisyahu, MF DOOM, and Mach-Hommy, it’s largely a solitary affair for the Brooklyn rapper. And rest assured, he comes with the same unapologetic brand of lyricism that has elevated his cult-status into that of an icon.

Thematically, Jewelry is lined with references to his culture, be it through song titles like “Jew Tang Forever” or references to traditions past. While that’s not to say they completely overshadow the music itself, themes of culture and identity add a notable weight to the hard-hitting project. “I’m no longer going to diminish my heritage for your comfort, some people hate simply for the sake of hating, let them crumble under the weight of that burden,” writes Droog, in the album’s press release. “We will celebrate light and life. I’m a Jew in America. This is my story.” Check out Jewelry now, and sound off below with your first impressions. 


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