Your Old Droog, MF Doom, & Mach Hommy Go Off On “BDE”


Today, Your Old Droog came through and delivered his brand new album Jewelry, a celebration of his Jewish heritage. While the album is lined top to bottom with potent lyricism, one of the wildest moments arrives on “BDE,” an absolute clinic from three of the underground’s heavy-hitters. Off top, Droog wastes little time in demolishing the set, sparking his verse with an incredible flow scheme. “They was mad they was passed over like Fredo,” he snarls. “How I pulled up at Passover with a solid gold dreidel.”

After Mach Hommy administers the second-round knockout, MF Doom comes through to mop it up. “Take this L and flip it to a seven, right before I take this mill and flip it to eleven,” spits Doom, his signature cadence cracking like gravel. “Remain fearless, flagrant plus peerless / stay stronger, even much longer than a beer-piss.” Anyone seeking pure blackout rhymes need look no further than “BDE,” an acronym you can likely deduce on your own. 

Quotable Lyrics

Remain fearless, flagrant plus peerless
Stay stronger, even much longer than a beer-piss
Play the groove like Bob James on a Moog
They all Noobs, we on a wave with the Droog


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