Yung Bans Flips “Pumped Up Kicks” On His New Song, “Partna In Crime”


At the end of September, Yung Bans teased a snippet of him flipping Foster The People’s 2011 hit, “Pumped Up Kicks”. A tricky move to play with a classic like that, but the Atlanta rapper made it playful enough to be passable. Although “Pumped Up Kicks” had everyone happily singing along when it shot up the charts, you may remember that the indie rock song caused some controversy over its lyrical content. Once people paid attention to the words coming out of their radios, they noticed the song was actually about school shootings and was potentially even guilty of glamorizing gun violence. 

Yung Bans certainly isn’t disturbed by this subject matter, as he uses it to his advantage by spinning it into a ditty about his weaponry. The beat is stripped away while he recites the original’s chorus verbatim and then brought back in with a bubblegum trap bounce.

Yung Bans dropped his debut studio album, Misunderstood in July. 

Quotable Lyrics

Got it in the duffle, only way it’s gon’ fit
Still lookin’ for the n**** who been leakin’ my shit (Fah, fah)
Real n****s move in silence, if you ’bout it, keep it silent (Shh)
I got Dior on my visor ’cause the streets is gettin’ hotter (Pff)


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