Yung Bleu Advises Rappers To Keep Their Security Locked In: “F*ck These Folks”


With the rising violence in the Rap community, Yung Bleu is calling for artists to keep their security tight. Most recently, reports stated that Kodak Black was shot at, shots were fired on set at 42 Dugg and Roddy Ricch’s music video shoot, and we can’t forget the scandal involving King Von’s death that allegedly occurred at the hands of Quando Rondo’s good friend. Some artists are being mocked for keeping themselves surrounded by security guards, but Yung Bleu offered a bit of advice for his fellow rappers.

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“If u a artist keep you security f*ck these folks,” he wrote. “U can’t watch everything .  even if u strapped yourself or not , you don’t got time to be catching cases and watching your back while u out here this money. Be smart the internet gone move on when u gone believe me.” He wasn’t quite finished and offered up a few more thoughts.

“Don’t let these people make u a meme,” he added. “Play smart  People not playing fair u may be tryna have a good time and n*ggas plottin. Ain’t nun wrong with a few extra pair of eyes while u providing for the fam. If you gotta buss your sh*t let that be the last resort these people play the police when sh*t get real anyways.” Check out his posts below.