Yung Joc Gets Mad Fan Love After Ride Share Revelation


Over the weekend, it was revealed that Yung Joc was expanding his income stream by working a second job as a ride-share driver. In a recently-surfaced clip, his passenger makes the connection and belittles Joc for having “fallen off,” prompting him to defend his own entrepreneurial spirit. Seeing as job-shaming is not something the online masses take kindly too — as Geoffery Owens came to understand back in 2018— it didn’t take long before Joc was receiving legions of support from the Twitter folk. 

Wayno, host of Everyday Struggle saw little to laugh at, though he opted to keep his deeper thoughts to himself. Underground lyricist Sadistik felt the same way, taking some time to show Joc’s ambition some love. And of course, the old reliable Twitter chorus stepping up in a time of need, whether summoned or otherwise. 

Others are more skeptical, however. Given today’s viral media, many assumed that Joc was actually an investor in “Pull Up,” and strategically managed to bamboozle the outrage-seeking masses into spreading free publicity. Either way, Joc is coming out strong. 


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