Yung Lean Returns With New Video “Blue Plastic”


When he first earned mainstream success, Yung Lean was seen as somewhat of a novelty figure. Nobody really expected the Swedish indie sensation to last this long but here we are, praising him for staying true to his artistic vision and doing things that no other rapper is comfortable with. The recording artist hasn’t released anything in a while, going a few months without making noise but he’s back, dropping the video for “Blue Plastic” last week. 

Leandoer croons in his signature style over a Gud-produced instrumental, keeping the spacey and atmospheric elements of his soundscape in place. In the video, the artist attends a freaky party, featuring slow-motion elements that are reminiscent of films like The Shining

Are you a fan of “Blue Plastic?”

Quotable Lyrics:

Sew me up, I can be your doll
Stuff me with cotton and take it all
Make me whole, make me walk on Mars
Back in your bedroom, like every fall
Nothing to do here, been gone so long


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