Yung Mal Drops Coldblooded Track, “Dollar Signs”


I’d put in an early bid for Yung Mal being one of the rappers to watch for in 2020. I would’ve been prepared to make this call back in August after he dropped his solo debut, Iceburg, on Gucci Mane’s 1017 Eskimo/Alamo Records. However, I’m even more certain in my conviction now that he’s been following up that project with a string of lethal loosies. Not only does Yung Mal have the talent; he has the drive. 

The Kappa-produced “Dollar Signs” follows the same formula as the other songs he’s been putting out recently, but there’s nothing underwhelming about it. Most of the Atlanta rapper’s tracks are capped off around the two-minute mark. The third verse has been largely discarded in today’s rap, as artists opt for tight-knit bundles that can keep a listener’s attention for a single play or recycle in a hypnotic loop. Yung Mal’s deadpan delivery and controlled flows allow his two-minute snacks to be extended into a ten-minute meal if one wishes. His confident demeanour is palpable and it lends his cold-blooded bars even more weightiness to anchor the song.  

Quotable Lyrics
Soon as he tried me, he died
Where he died at, they leave teddy bears like it’s Valentine
Got my hood on my back like a damn spine
We see the opps, we gotta collide


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