Yung Miami Singing Ella Mai’s “Boo’d Up” Is Hilariously Horrible


Yung Miami is the crucial half of City Girls, the rapping duo that has secured their title as some of the best hard spitters in the game. JT, the other crucial half, was recently released from prison and together they created a track (“JT First Day Out”) that showcased their skill that can’t be denied. However, when it comes to singing Yung Miami is seemingly on another level.

Liliane Lathan/Getty Images

The 25-year-old just welcomed her second child into the world and followed-up on the congratulatory moment with a front-row seat to see Ella Mai perform. Yung is clearly a big fan of the British bred singer since she knew all the words to her international hit “Boo’d Up.” However, it’s Yung Miami’s singing voice that’s caught the attention of her fans. As you can hear, Yung is hilariously off-key and isn’t afraid to show it. “The reason y’all hate me 🤣 but the reason I love me ❤️🥰😍,” she captioned the video. 

In other Yung Miami news, she recently caught flack for a comment she made about her child’s ethnicity. “I’m convinced I have to be Chinese or Asian! My baby is everything!” she wrote about her newborn. Peep people’s reaction to the comment here. 


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