Yung Pinch Recruits Blackbear For “Beach Ballin'” Off His Debut LP


Considering the time of year, it’s more common for songs to be released that are meant to soundtrack the more isolated lifestyle of the winter months. However, Yung Pinch hails from the “wrong side” of the Bay Area’s Huntington Beach, so all he knows is summer. On his new song, “Beach Ballin'”, he shows us that there can be just as much melancholy under the sun as there is when hiding from the snow. Even when Pinch has the luxury of “ridin’ through the city with yo’ hand in the breeze”, he just wants to be left alone. As downcast as his lyrics could be, the beat bounces hard, a dynamic which characterizes much of the emo trap under which Yung Pinch could be classified. 

“Beach Ballin'” calls upon Pinch’s label head, blackbear, who counteracts Pinch’s loneliness by rapping about his sobriety and joie de vivre. The song will feature on Pinch’s debut LP, Back To The Beach, which arrives on January 17. His collaboration with Wiz Khalifa, “Over It”, will also appear on there. 

Quotable Lyrics

She got a heart made of gold (She got a heart made of gold)
I could be anywhere but here and, baby, that’s just a warning
And I be hearin’ what you sayin’, but the language is foreign, it’s foreign
Like the whip, yeah, it’s foreign


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