Yung Pinch Takes It “Back 2 The Beach” On His Debut Album


Like Matthew McConaughey’s “Moon Dogg” in The Beach Bum, Yung Pinch has given himself to the sweet call of the sea. Somewhere amidst the sun-soaked parties and quiet moments of evening reflection, Pinch found time to conjure up his proper debut album Back 2 The Beach. With guest appearances from YG, Blackbear, Pouya, Wiz Khalifa and Good Charlotte, Pinch makes sure to keep the vibe lively, never wallowing in self pity – even if the bender takes a left turn into uncharted waters.

With a clever ear for pop-rap sensibilities, Pinch makes sure to keep his music rooted in west coast tradition. Tracks like “Toast To Us,” “Cross My Mind,” and “Sober” find Pinch gliding over delicate arrangements, wearing his heart on his sleeve regardless of the outcome. Morally, Pinch tends to play the antihero, though who can really fault him when such temptations come with the territory. This is the beach, where the dress code is lax and a guitar riff can go a long way. 


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