Yung Pinch & Wiz Khalifa Let It Out On “Over It”


Yung Pinch has something he’d like to get off his chest. Today marks the arrival of “Over It,” a brand new single off the rap singer’s upcoming studio Back 2 The Beach, which is set to arrive on January 17th. While we’re left wondering what exactly constitutes a debut album in this day and age, consider giving the upbeat song a whirl. Off the bat, the production is extremely glossy, a solid backdrop for Pinch’s slick vocal stylings.

Lyrically, it’s hardly cutting edge, but it never professes a desire to be. In short, Pinch is looking to go on a bender and total his car — whether it’s worth it, you be the judge. Wiz Khalifa occupies the second verse, making sure to list off his favorite topics and how they pertain to his day-to-day lifestyle. Yet even when he’s playing the role of a hired gun, Wiz’s veteran status keeps him comfortable on a variety of different beats; in other words, his flow is never lacking. Look for Back 2 The Beach to arrive next year, with features from Wiz Khalifa, YG, blackbear, Pouya, and Good Charlotte.

Quotable Lyrics

Everybody heartbroke cause they got no hoes
And they know my car go vroom-vroom, when my toe hit it
Whoa, whoa, I might cop the white Rolls
And I’m feeling so punk that I might just total it


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