Yungeen Ace Comes Through With Melodies And Bars On “Opp Boyz”


Yungeen Ace is an artist who has been making a ton of noise as of late and fans are loving his every move. In just a little while, he will be dropping his debut album Life Of Betrayal 2x, and to help promote the project, he has been dropping singles. On Friday, Yungeen Ace took his next step in promoting the project by coming through with the single “Opp Boyz.”

With this track, Yungeen Ace delivers a street ballad of sorts as we are greeted with some tasteful pianos and lowkey drums. As for the tone of the track, Ace gives us some melodic verses and hooks, all while speaking about the pain he has faced throughout his life. It’s clear that Yungeen Ace has a lot to get off his chest, and it’s why his music resonates so heavily with people.

Quotable Lyrics:

Why they tryna put that blame on me?
Walkin’ ’round my city with all these chains on me
I can’t leave my crib without that flame on me, yeah
I can’t let your n***a get no stain on me, yeah