Zac Efron Hospitalized With Deadly Infection While Filming “Killing Zac Efron”: Report


Zac Efron was reportedly rushed from Papua New Guinea to St. Andrews War Memorial Hospital in Australia due to a severe illness. According to reports, Zac had contracted a life-threatening “form of typhoid or similar bacterial infection” that nearly killed him. However, he is in stable condition and was already permitted to return to the U.S. on Christmas Eve. A Medical Rescue spokesperson told reporters that they had received a thirty-something U.S. citizen, who had to be transported from Papua New Guinea to Brisbane to receive medical care, though they could not reveal whether the patient was Zac.

Zac’s alleged medical emergency occurred right while he was in the middle of filming his new documentary series, Killing Zac Efron. The docuseries will follow his “off-the-grid” expeditions in the jungle, and appears to be based on the content from his Youtube channel “Off The Grid w/ Zac Efron,” where he documents his travel adventures with his brother, Dylan. Zac will executive produce the series, which is set to air on a soon-to-be launched content platform called Quibi. “I tend to thrive under extreme circumstances and seek out opportunities that challenge me on every level,” Zac said about his decision to embark on such a risky endeavour. “I am excited to explore any uncharted territory and discover what unexpected adventure awaits!” Unfortunately, it looks like this “unexpected adventure” took the title of the series way too literally, and was certainly not what Zac had in mind. Get well soon, Zac!


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