Zaytoven & Fo15 Celebrate San Francisco’s 415 Day On New Mixtape


Fillmore representative Zaytoven is one of the most influential beatmakers in modern hip-hop history, coming through with some of the most iconic sounds of the last generation. The 41-year-old continues to hustle, collaborating with all of the hottest rappers and remaining on top of the game.

Over the years, Zay has shown a lot of love to the movement out in San Francisco and The Bay, uplifting lesser-known rappers from California. This year, the prolific producer wanted to take things one step further than usual, celebrating the current scene in San Francisco by releasing a new project called Zaytoven Presents: Fo15. If you’re not privy to the movement, 415 is the area code in San Fran. The new project highlights rising rappers Zaybang, Lil Bean, Lil Yee, KxNG LLAMA, Prezi, and others. 

The ten-track body of work features incredible production (as expected) and some solid contributions from some of San Francisco’s hottest names. Take a ride through The City and check out Fo15 below.


1. The Click (feat. Zaybang, Lil Bean, KxNG LLAMA, Lil Yee, Prezi, & Lil Pete)
2. Chase Down (feat. Lil Bean, Zaybang, Lil Yee, & KxNG LLAMA)
3. Run The Score (feat. Lil Yee, Lil Bean, & Zaybang)
4. Anything I Want (feat. Zaybang, Lil Yee, Lil Bean, Prezi, & KxNG LLAMA)
5. All My Guys (feat. Lil Yee & Zaybang)
6. Bigger Picture (feat. Lil Bean, Zaybang, Prezi, KxNG LLAMA, & Lil Yee)
7. I’m A Dog (feat. Zaybang, Lil Bean, & Prezi)
8. Put It On The Line (feat. Lil Bean & KxNG LLAMA)
9. Frisco Sh*t (feat. Zaybang, KxNG LLAMA, Prezi, & Lil Bean)
10. Gone (feat. KxNG LLAMA, Lil Bean, & Lil Yee)