Zion Williamson Caught Dozing Off On Pelicans Bench: NBA Twitter Reacts


Mondays can be tough for everyone. Whether you’re a student, working your 9-5, or just trying to stay focused during a Pelicans-Pistons game. Just ask Zion Williamson.

The Pelicans’ No. 1 overall pick was seen dozing off on the bench late in the fourth of quarter of last night’s overtime victory and, naturally, the footage quickly went viral. As expected, there were some jokes about Zion being in a “food coma” from eating too much gumbo, but there were also others who felt no need to shame the rookie forward for trying to catch a couple Zs on the sly.

Check out the video clip, as well as some of the reactions from #NBATwitter, below.

Jokes aside, the time for snoozing through Pelicans games will soon be coming to an end as Williamson is reportedly targeting Thursday’s home game against the Utah Jazz for his NBA debut. There have been plenty of debates about whether or not Zion should risk playing at all this season, especially considering how poorly the Pelicans have played, but SiriusXM NBA Radio host Mitch Lawrence claims that the return is imminent. 

New Orleans will also host the Los Angeles Clippers on Saturday afternoon in a game that will air on ABC at 3:30pm ET. Needless to say, that game becomes all the more intriguing if the 19-year old phenom is in the lineup. 

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